The 2021 Camp


  • Support youth to become elite global representatives of their community and country
  • Support athletes with goals of playing at a university level on scholarships locally or abroad with exposure and recruitment.
  • Provide athletes with a resource to provide an athletic profile online in a place they would be able to share accomplishments with coaches and trainers despite the location of either part.
  • Support athletes with goals of playing Highschools, College/University or Professional basketball outside of their country.
  • Provide onsite and ongoing virtual coaches training.
  • Provide onsite and ongoing virtual basketball skill and athletic training for basketball players.
  • Provide life skills training that directly relates to success as an elite-level basketball player and individual.


  • Provide ongoing coaching support and resources through follow up clinics in person and online.
  • Elite player identification and exposure to local
    international educational and competitive opportunities.
  • Introduce athletes and coaches to advance training
    techniques and provide programs and curriculum resources.
  • Provide social and emotional learning strategies and programs
    for improving self-confidence, social awareness and personal
  • Combine testing and evaluation to provide benchmarks for
    determining levels of achievement in comparison to peers.

The 2021 Camp Coaches

Wayne Dawkins
Canadian basketball coaching pioneer
Founder-P.H.A.S.E. 1 Youth Association T.O., Can
CEO of P.H.A.S.E 1 Athletics, Phx, Az
CEO Elite1 Recruiting  & Evaluations
Mike Millar
Co-founder, Rep Director
21Hoops Basketball &
Southern Ontario Basketball Association
Technical Engineer, Elite1 Recruiting & Evaluations
Convenor, NPSAA

Kurtis Israel
Basketball Skills Development Expert
Brampton, Ontario Canada