Aluma Burundi Rehab Centre

The project will provide support to the Aluma detoxification center, which is also a center that supports people with pathologies.

Talitha Koum-Autism Burundi

The objective of the Center is to offer care for children with autism, support the families of people with autism, serve as a point of reference for autism, and help break taboos around autism in Burundi.

Community Outreach Partners

Consulting services in project management, development, execution, monitoring and evaluation.

Planning and organization of large-scale events and development of interactive training and workshops.

The NBYMP Foundation is a registered charity in Canada that provides you with FREE academic tutoring services from qualified teachers and with t FREE college grants/funding for their future schooling.

Olliver Lifestyle exists to reduce the suffering caused by chronic diseases in the African community

Events organizer, specializing in events for students and expanding to include professionals.
Strong and standing relationship businesses
Media and digital content.
A brand that represents perspective-shifting experiences through diversity and engagement.

Hoop House, is a program under the Experience Life Community Services Charity. Hoop House uses participation in sport as a vehicle to create opportunities for the sustainable integration of youth development.

Through innovative programming, youth are exposed to experiences for development in the following areas

Social interaction
Career Exploration
Physical activity/Health benefits
Educational attainment

We provide youth with safe space to explore and build their identity and access to spaces for free expression.

Hoop House provides youth with experiences to inspire them to change the world.

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