Africa Basketball EJO

EJO is the Kirundi word for ‘tomorrow’

In 2019, Africa Basketball EJO was brought to life in Burundi with the Burundi Basketball Ejo camp. With the help of Team Durant, NBA Superstar Kevin Durant’s Foundation based in Washington DC, we were able to accommodate 150 players and 25 coaches participating. In addition, the event attracted local and Canadian sponsors plus various media coverage.

Camp founder Patrick Bizindavyi from Toronto-Canada and Eugene Pehoua-Pelema, a Basketball coach from Washington DC joined forces to organize the Burundi Basketball EJO Camp as a way to help build the infrastructure starting with player development.


  • To use Basketball as a force for good throughout the entire African continent, starting at the grassroots level.
  •  To support the youth to become elite global representatives of their communities and countries
  • To grow the sport and provide resources such as player/coach exposure, facilities, and educational and training opportunities.   
  • To support athletes with goals of playing at a university level with scholarships locally or abroad with exposure and recruitment.
  • To equip coaches and players with skills needed to become better trainers and players, respectively
  • To build and reinforce a solid basketball foundation among coaches and campers while building a strong basketball culture.


  • To have Basketball camps and Basketball academies in every country of the African continent
  • To develop young boys and girls of every country in Africa into becoming professional Basketball players
  • To create the next generation of African leaders using Basketball  as a tool


Africa Basketball EJO is a platform for community outreach and provides high visibility to various community initiatives. The initiative serves individuals through direct and collaborative services and programs that enhance the lives of economically challenged youth and empower underserved communities. The areas of intervention are: 

  • Mental health
  • Education
  • Environment


Africa Basketball EJO is a platform for partnerships that will allow to: 

  • Invest in infrastructure
  • Provide unique access to opportunities, capital and talent. 
  • Provide expertise, leadership and insight to a variety of businesses.
  • Provide visibility to companies and products through alignment with powerful influencers